It is So Hot Out Working And I dont Know If I Can Continue…..

It has been so hot out working ,walking blocks because no parking close to restaurant downtown or places of businesses where
people order from. Going up to second or third floors at apartments. Then sometimes I only get a $2 tip. After driving  along ways. Sometimes people will surprise you and give you a good tip so I guess it evens out.
Some people I know say they cant even go out because of the heat. I am out 7 days a week. I have been strong but sometimes
lately I just don’t think I can be strong any longer. It is so very hard taking care of a two year old and holding down a full time job. I work about 50 hours a week. It is hard for young Mothers to do that much less this old one.  I need someone to lean on. There is
no one that helps me with Tay. People keep saying I should get help but I sure haven’t found it.
I wanted to move back to Sweetwater and buy the big house Beverly Stone has for sell. I would love to have that house. It is a reasonable price but my son owns this house I am in and he would have to sell this one and buy that one. He is being very stubborn about it. I know I moved their a few times but I believe I am very ready this time to get out of the big city and live in a small town.
CPS called me this week and told me Amie is fixing to have to give up her parental rights with this new baby and he will be adopted
out. I need to adopt Tay too they tell me. I cant afford a lawyer. But I really want to do that.
Maybe tomorrow will be  a better day but today wasn’t so great. Tay and I will sleep on it and see….

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