It Gets Even Harder……But Thank God For My Sitter

Looking out the window of my office it seems so calm and peaceful outside. Tomorrow is a hard day for me though. Paper day. That is a rough two days. So
many people have told me there is no way they could do it. It is seems like ever since Tay came here I have had so much energy. I dont even know where all
of that came from. And she is a bundle of energy.
My son was helping me some but now he is gone for awhile. He was watching her on weekends while I delivered. He took her to the park, for a walk and outside
in the pool. It was a lot of help I can see now that now that I am  doing it alone but there was a down side too. He had no rules. He let her have all the candy she wanted.
Or soda. Stay up as late as she wanted. A child must have rules and consistency. I am kind of glad it happened this way and maybe we can get back on track.
My babysitter is a godsend. She is great with helping me keep Tay on schedule. I dont have to worry about her at all because I know she is going to be watching her.
The only worry I have is her spoiling her. After she leaves sometimes she has an attitude. ha I really believe God sent her to me. I was so depressed when the other
one quit out of the blue. I cried all day. My family dont have much sympathy where Tay is concerned. I dont understand why. Like Jessica said, “Where would she be
if you hadn’t of taken her?” Jessica told me if something happened to me she would take her. That relives my mind a lot. Two of my daughters had already said they wouldn’t.
That is kind of a cruel thing not to take someone in your  family. I would take any of my grandkids if need be. I did ,didnt I ?
Of course later I found out she wasnt my grandchild but to me that  doesn’t matter. I have had her since she was 2 days old. She is mine just like a child that is adopted.
I can tell you in all certainty it is like your own child. It is no different. So my kids need to think about it and figure out they are Tay’s Aunt or Uncle and there kids are her
cousins and treat her accordingly. Because she is here to stay. As long as I can take care of her I will. It has not been easy but well worth it.
Tonight Tay is tucked in her bed with stuffed animals all around her. I read her a story. She is happy in her little world and I am so glad she is safe and happy…..

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  1. As the mother of four adopted children, I applaud and agree with you–the love is no different. I’m seeing that after over forty years with those kids. It’s still love, and their children are for sure my grandchildren.

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