I Cant Belive I am This Old With A Toddler To Raise!!!!

I had a birthday this week. It does not seem like I should be this old. Jana fixed me a enchilada dinner on my actual birthday. On Saturday
she gave me a party. It was nice. Jana goes all out. She is very crafty. I am into cherries lately . So cherries on my cake. After everyone
sang Happy Birthday Tay started clapping. I got lots of nice gifts too.
Today I worked. I had to go to Target for a lady with a long list. I am not one to admit defeat. I went even though she wanted a 24 pack of water
and a 24 pack of Gatorade. I actually thought I could pick it up but no way. They helped me at the store then the lady came to the car and got the water. There goes my tip! ha
I am wondering how much longer Tay will refuse to want to get dressed. I dread that every morning. She has to learn it is not going to change.
She makes it so hard for me with this broken wrist. Tuesday I go to therapist. Maybe they can help me. It hurts. I cant even pick up my phone with that hand.
Tomorrow is Monday and kids are out for spring break. I dont know if Jana will come take her to day care but I hope. It is so very hard for me to
do. No one can imagine the pain until they have broke something. It takes a long time to heal. This to shall pass…..
Tay is in bed…..I dont know if she is asleep yet. She was very unhappy cause her balloon she got from my party blew away. Sometimes things dont work out the way we want them too. Better to find that out sooner than later. I am off to bed. I love my bed!!!!

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