Hard Weekend of Work…..

Last weekend was very hard  at work.. Actually it was four days starting on Thursday thru Sunday. I done 50 deliveries to make $500. I desperately needed it. It is hard paying daycare plus all the bills and groceries and just lots of expenses keep showing up. Ihad forgotten how many expenses with a child. A year from now Tay can go to Pre K. Then no day care costs. Can I survive another year?
I am 74. I know I cant work forever. I have been lucky my health is pretty good. Out there in the heat though it has been hard. I have had heart problems since Julie died so out driving causes anxieties which makes me have more palps. I just say a prayer I make it thru the day. Traffic is so bad out too. It has gotten worse lately.
Tay has not had any allergy problems lately but it makes me dread when it gets cold. Last year was pretty bad. This year so far has not
been my best year. First I broke my wrist and I kept working. Three back to back sinus infections. My heart rate went out of control for
awhile but I still kept working. Then all of Tay’s problems and breathing treatments. Things have got to get better.
I just try my best to have  a good life for Tay. I know it is hard on her with me working so much. Until I win the lotto I have to keep working.
That might be awhile. I am just doing the best I can. Isn’t that all anyone can do?I am grateful for the life we have. It could always be a lot
Tonight Tay is in bed. She is happy and healthy. What more can I ask for? I have lots of books to read so I am happy about that. Fixing to
go to bed and start reading on one…..

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