Halloween Was Different…….

      Everything has been different this year and Halloween was no exception. But we found a way to let the kids celebrate anyway. COVID can go back where it came from. I bought Tay a book about COVID and she says she hates COVID. I am sure we all do. She calls it the germ book. She loves for me to read it to her.
      Now to get back to Halloween. I had decided to put treat bags out in a bowl and kids could come get one. Safer for both of us. Jana had the idea for the kids to hunt candy in the back yard like Easter eggs. She invited us to come over. I made Halloween cupcakes and I bought chicken for all of us at Church’s. After we ate she took all the kids to three houses on her block then they came back and hunted eggs in the back.
      After we came home I seen where lots of candy was still left. Only 9 treat bags were gone. Lots of candy left. I will ration it out every day. Between Tay and her Dad. I can’t eat all of that chocolate candy. I eat York Mints daily but that is all. They can have all of that other chocolate.
      We took all the decorations down today. Halloween is over. November is here. I have an appraisal of my house tomorrow. See how that goes. Hopefully it goes okay . Then we will be done except for the closing. I have mixed feelings about where I want to be. They say you will be wherever you are meant to be so leaving it up to God about where I will end up.
      Tonight Sunday is almost over. It has been a long day with the time change. Tay and I were in our PJ’s  all day. Don’t take much to get ready for bed. We won’t be long and I am now reading “Jo and Laurie.” That is about the Little Women. I read every night before I go to sleep. I am always on a book. I love reading and I have all my life but now more than ever since we are home so much.


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