Halloween Fun and Zoo Fun….

Tay had fun this last week. First of all it was Halloween with her Aunt Jana. I think Jana had as much fun as Tay did. Jana taught her to say Trick or Treat. She said at first Tay would just stand and wait after someone gave her candy. After while she got the hang of it though and would leave. She was dressed as Boo. She got lots of candy. I ration it out and give her a little every day.
I usually dress up for Halloween. I had to work that day. Just wore a shirt that said , This is my costume. And my Elvis pants Darla had bought me for Christmas. I have  a black leather Elvis jacket I could have worn with it. But I didnt.
On Friday my babysitter had to be out of town so I couldnt work that day so I got my friend Nora to go with Tay and I to the zoo. We took the stroller so it wasnt
too bad with Tay. I have always had a problem folding it up and putting it back. A couple who was parked by us seen we were having problems with it so they helped us. I let Tay get out of it so she could see better but she took off running ahead of us and I had to catch her. So back in the stroller she went.
She called them animals. I dont know where she heard that at but they were all animals to her. The giraffe came right up to her and she jumped back. It took us about five hours to get thru everything. We got one of the frozen drinks. Tay was shivering but she ate it all. I got her a cup with animals on it so she can remember them and got her a puzzle with a elephant, giraffe, monkey and a few other animals. . She loves taking the pieces off and putting it back.
When we got home we were both tired. Tay only slept on way home which took about 15 minutes. My leg was hurting from the walking and pushing the stroller. It was good to get home and rest. That is something she will remember at least and we have a lot of pictures too.

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