Graceland Here I Come…..

     I made plans months ago to go to Graceland in August.  Bought tour tickets then and paid down on a room at the Guesthouse.
     A daughter was supposed to go with me who backed out now.  I have an extra tour ticket, which I can’t seem to find anyone who would want it. Oh well, when I get there maybe I can find someone who might want it. A friend and I are going anyway.
     I didn’t know COVID would get bad again. I thought it would get lots better after the vaccinations. No there are always some people who wont get them. Only half the world will. I guess the other people don’t care what kids have to go through in school and wearing masks all day when they wont even wear them when they go to the store.
     I have always said I will wear mine until no cases left. If everyone would do that it might go away. But lots of people act like they been left out of prison. If the governor says we don’t have to they are not going to.  Oh well to each their own I guess.
     Meanwhile Tay and I are getting ready for school to start. She will be in kindergarten. I just wonder if masks will be required. Or virtual online classes if it gets worse. Of course our governor don’t believe in doing all of this is why we are in this shape right now plus the people that wont get vaccinated.
     Tay ask me a while ago if I would be her Mommy. That is so sad. She needs a Mommy.

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