Getting Ready For Christmas….

Tay and I are trying to get ready for Christmas. It is hard. My life stays so busy with working and trying to shop some too. Very hectic to say the least. Tay dont know what it  is about really but she does love seeing the houses all lit up. She sees lights and starts pointing and yelling. I want to take her downtown to see the big tree if I get a chance. 
She hasnt messed with the tree and the nutcrackers as much as I thought she would. She did tear open one present when her Dad was watching her. 🙂 Shows how good he watchers her. 
I dont even like to wrap presents anymore. Too much of a hassel but it has to be done. Part of Christmas I guess. And then there is the baking that has to be done before long. I dont even know what I am making. I do want some divinity . I cant have very much chocolate but I sure do love fudge. 
I went to see  a lawyer to try and get custody of her but they want a lot of money down. I dont know if I can afford that. People tell me I have nothing to worry about cause her Mom is not going to do anything. One never knows. I dont even know if she has the baby or not. She didnt come to the last hearing and I  dont hear from her. I dont want her coming one day to pick her up though. 
At least for tonight we know she is safe here. In the bed but not quite asleep yet. I will soon be in my bed too. Just hoping she is here with me at Christmas and the rest of my life….

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