Fourth of July Fun

   This last weekend was fun. Dustin and his daughter Ella came over and stayed until today. I don’t see her often so it was a treat. They came on Saturday night and stayed until this morning. I get lonely sometimes since Tay goes to her Dad’s on weekends so that helped. Sunday Dustin and I fixed food for some of the kids that were coming. Some never do and some always do. 
   Dustin cooked on the grill hotdogs and hamburgers, sausage, corn on cob. He cooked  red beans cause he is better at it then me. I fixed deviled eggs and banana pudding. Jana brought a trifle cake that was very good. Yum!!  He put barbeque sauce on the wieners to cook and that made them a lot better. The water melon I bought was no good when I cut it open. That was disappointing . What is the fourth of July without watermelon? Jana brought one but they were late so by that time i didn’t even want to cut it. ha 
   Oh well we had a good time with family around anyway 12 of us. Plenty of good food and drinks. Gossiping  Just having family fun.
   Last night Dustin had bought  a few fireworks so we done those in the  back yard even though you’re not supposed too. He got some sparklers and a few that
went up in the air and made loud noises. We could hear them last night all around the neighborhood. Dustin got out the water hose close by just in case there was a fire. John lives out in the country so Tay got to have some fireworks too. She was here for the cookout. 
   Tonight Dustin and Ella are back at their house. Tay is back here. Everything is good in our world. I am so grateful that we all are healthy and well. What
more could anyone ask for?

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