Finally Tay and I are on The Mend….

I know it has been awhile since I have been on here but Tay and I both had strep. She got over hers pretty quickly but mine ended up
lasting for two weeks. I had nausea  so bad and I still have it when I drink a soda. Otherwise I have pretty much gotten over it. My daughter,
Melanie told me about some nausea meds that would help and it did but not completely….
Saturday afternoon I noticed Tay was breathing really hard and fast. I knew that wasnt normal. In her neck I could see her breathing and her
tummy. I told my son John we needed to get her to Urgent Care. Soon as I told them the problem they had us in a room. Checked her vital
signs. They said she was in distress, They brought in a breathing machine. Checked it after that. Still was not good. They ended up doing it
three times. It makes you really jittery and makes your heart rate go up. They checked for strep and there was none. They diagnosed it as pharyngitis.
Allergies as well.
If she didnt get any better we were going to have to go to Cooks ER . Finally they said it was getting a little better. They let us go home with a Nebulizer for breathing treatments which we had to do every four hours. Steroid meds. She is on the mend now. Not much coughing but I was one scared Mama.
Its been rough around here. Today I finally started feeling half way normal again. I haven’t got to work much and the bills are piling up. Today was Tay’s 
first day back at daycare and of course I worried the whole day. Went after her  a little early. I know this month and next month she will be taking allergy  meds. When summer comes allergies goes away I hope. I have had them too but not as bad as my baby girl.
Tonight Tay has had her treatment. She is in bed in her own little world. I am in mine. All is okay for now. That is all we can hope for….

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