Finally Tay and I Are Almost Well……

This year has been a bad one for me so far. First a broke wrist that still gives me problems. Then I got really sick and the doctor gave me amoxicillin which gave me some side effects and yes I quit taking it before I took it all. Two days later I started getting a cough again. It just escalated. My blood pressure went up as well as my heart rate. Very bad sinus infection! One day I lost my voice entirely. Now my blood pressure is excellent 124/60 and pulse 73. I still have the cough but it is getting better daily.
Tay got strep then she got over that and developed a bad cough which they said might be pharngiitis. It mIght have been asthma she had because she got where she was short of breath, Anyway after all the breathing treatments we had to give her I didnt get to work much this month. Its been a month of sickness.
Tay does have  a lot of allergies. They cant tell until a child is past 3 if she has asthma or if its just allergies. I am just glad I am watching her really
good and I noticed right away her breathing was bad. And if she even coughs now I start checking her out.
There is so much pollen right now here in the big city. I wish we could move to some little town and relax but not possible. I dont remember ever getting sinus problems when I lived in Sweetwater. I wish I could go back home someday but I guess that is not possible either . Its all about money.
We are just taking one day at a  time. Hoping this allergy season gets over soon. Rain does not help and it is supposed to rain all week….

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