Easter Was Pretty Quiet….

      Every Easter has always been spent with my daughter Jana and her family and usually my sons, Dustin, Charles and John are here also. This year we spent it at home just Tay and I and my son Charles who lives with us. We didn’t get to go shopping so Tay and I wore dresses from previous years. I managed to buy some Easter candy when I ordered groceries online.
      Since it was only going to be us three I got a canned ham and it was no good!! I got stove top stuffing. Jana has always made the dressing. She made rolls for us so they were good. I tried making caramel pie from scratch and it was a disaster. It didn’t get thick. Easter was not what it usually is but just thankful that we are alive and healthy right now.
      During all that has happened I think it has made us all stop and think. Traffic isn’t so bad right now. I watch church on Sunday morning online, I have plenty of time to do stuff at home. Tay actually plays with her toys now. She used to not.
      This morning we went for a little ride while some guy was at my house to look at the foundation. We passed by the daycare and they are still open. Tay says she wants to go there now and see her friends. I know she don’t understand why we just stay home and she don’t even see her cousins.
      Tonight Tay is in bed. Soon I will be too with my book I am currently reading. Its not  a mystery. Its by Danielle Steel. Very good book. I know this wont last forever. Nothing ever does. Here is hoping it ends soon….

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