Doing Well On Lockdown…..

     Tay and I are surviving. It is hard to do after so used to working six days a week and her in daycare with her friends. It is certainly different. You would think I would enjoy being home and it is nice some times not to have to get dressed or do anything if you don’t want too. We have kind of got a schedule going. We get up, have breakfast. Then we play for little while. Morning snack and then TV for little while. Lunch and then a long nap. I have to have my beauty rest. We get up. Snack again Go outside and play if its nice. Then we come in and fix dinner. Tay goes to her kitchen, me to mine. We eat dinner, then watch tv. Take a bath and then bed.
      Lots of days I don’t even drive my car anywhere. I hardly have to buy gas. It does seem like we are always needing something at the store. I think I wont need anything for a week or so but always running out of something. When I buy food I wipe it all down with sanitizing wipes. I wipe my mail down or any packages. Trying my best to keep us both well.
      They say next week we will peak. I hope that is true cause then maybe it will go down. I know New York has went down to half as many cases as they had. Still a lot but it has helped being on lockdown. I know a lot of people don’t like it. But the alternative is not good.
      I have missed seeing my grandkids and kids. But right now we just need to be safe. I am very grateful to have  a nice house and food to eat and I can take off work until this is over. Hey I have got  a lot more books read. A lot more cleaning done. I watch church on Sundays online. Things could be much worse.
      Tonight Tay is in bed. I am not far behind her. I keep thinking we will wake up one morning and all of this virus will have disappeared . Or was it only a dream?

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