Decisions Are Hard…..

Some things have happened this week and it is so hard to make decisions. I heard in a round about way that Amie (Tay’s Mom) is going to
court next month to see if she can get her. It has been two years and we haven’t even heard from her since Easter. No birthday wishes or anything. The person that told me this also said she has her baby boy whom she is breast feeding and she said CPS had been called out but she still had the baby. Maybe she is clean?
She also told this person if I didnt want to give her up she just wanted to be in her life and was willing to compromise with me. It would be very hard for me to give her up but I know she would probably be better off with someone younger and especially her biological Mom . If she is willing to share her that might be ok. Sometimes I do need a break.
I ask Jana her opinion. She said if she has changed she would probably need a chance with her but at the same time it would be sad without Tay. I think us close to her have all gotten attached to her. But then again she is a hand full.
I have forgotten what it is like to have freedom to do what you want too. I think about it sometimes and it would be nice in a way but in another way. I know I would miss her so much. I might not have  a choice in the matter. I know most judges goes along with the biological Mom . I am willing to share her if it comes to that. Yall are welcome to give me your opinion about the matter.
Anyway today we spent the whole day without even leaving the house. My only day that I dont work. Tonight Tay is in bed and I am relaxing. Back
to work tomorrow. I have had some people tell me they dont even know how I do what I do. I really dont know how I do either. I think I have help. I dont do it all alone……

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