December Is A Bad Month For Me….But Christmas Was Nice

   I was trying to be extra careful this December especially since last December I broke my wrist. It still feels strange sometimes. But I was shopping at Kohls one day and tripped
over some of the shelves. I didn’t break anything but even after two weeks my knee hurts so bad. And one of my feet. I can hardly walk but of course I still work. I have too!! One
of my daughter’s has told me a few times, ” I don’t know how you work with your knee and foot hurting/” I load up on Iboprophen. It works for 8 hours.
   Then a few days alter I was driving on University close to TCU and kids just walk across the street  whether they are supposed to or not. The car in front of me stopped. I stopped.
The one behind me didn’t. That was quite a jolt. I got out and looked and  the car was okay.
   Then Monday I was working all day and was on my last delivery and I was stopped at a red light. Oh my goodness, a car hit me hard in the back. So hard it made my car hit the
one in front of me. We all got out and the police came. One of the women’s husband came and he says, “How does it feel to be a sandwich?” Not very good? A very scary experience.
I wish people would watch more when someone stops but everyone is in a hurry. My car has a dent in front and back. Can you imagine how hard that lady hit me to make me hit the
car in front of me?
   On a brighter side I went with Tay to take Christmas pictures. She liked Santa this year. We both sat in his lap. Christmas was good too. My daughter Melanie came down and her daughter,
Tiffany came over. We really enjoyed them being here. I fixed some of the meal and Jana fixed some. Its much better when one doesn’t have to fix all of it.
   Tonight Tay is comfy in her bed. I am fixing to be in mine…. All is good in our world for the moment. That is all one can hope for….

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