Days and More DAYS At Home…..

      I know Tay doesn’t know what to think. She don’t get to leave home very much . When she does it is just to her Aunt Jana’s right down the street. At least she does have a swimming pool and kids to play with.  They are older than her but at this point she don’t care. Anything to get us out of the house helps so much. It makes the day seem so much shorter. other wise just stuck at home makes for a long day.
      Tay did have a little bit of excitement out in the back. We have a privacy fence and a small boy climbed up to the top of it next door and was talking to Tay. He was telling her to come around and see his treehouse. I ask her if that was her boyfriend and she had the biggest smile ever on her face.
      We order groceries online. Just pick up then we are back at home again. That didn’t take long. Once we get back though it is a job keeping Tay away from all the food while I try to wash it all. Yes, I wash all my food, I lysol packages, wipe off my mail with a sanitizing wipe. One cannot be too careful.
      I watch every day thinking virus cases will go  down shortly since we are all required to wear masks now. It will but it takes time. I ma very impatient right now. I am so tired of hearing all the political stuff and COVID stuff. Sometimes I feel like getting off of social networks but then what would i do? Maybe get more done around the house? I doubt it very seriously.
      Oh well this too shall pass. When we least expect it I am  sure. I don’t think it will magically dissapear when the election gets here like some people seem to think. I don’t think the government is trying to control us. I don’t mind being told what to do if it will save my life or someone else’s.
      Today Tay is napping. I am getting my blog wrote. Soon I will be napping  also….This is my “me” time.

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