Croup Again…..Winter Be Over

                 I thought Tay was doing so good this winter since taking the asthma inhaler. Not ever so much as a runny nose. But she stayed with Jana one Saturday and they were all sick with coughs and Tay got it. She has been coughing non stop since. I took her to the doctor and her oxygen level was 100 so that is good. One morning she woke up with the croup after she had already been coughing for days., That was bad. I tried putting her in the cold air like they say and steam with the shower. Nothing seems to work. The doctor gave me steroid meds for her and that seemed to work.
                Every night we do breathing treatments, asthma inhaler and cough meds. I was afraid I might overdose her but I didn’t. Finally last night she seemed to be a little better. I send the breathing treatments to day care with her. They hate doing them because they make her jittery and hyper even more than what she normally is. It cant be helped though.
                At least we have not got the flu. No one in my family has except maybe my daughter Melanie. We all got flu shots except for her and some of the guys that don’t like needles. I don’t like them either but feel safer with the shot so I will continue taking it.
                I will be so glad when winter is over. Maybe another month? Yay! I am so looking forward to spring. The older I get the more colder I get I think. My job is out in the weather so that doesn’t help either. I have not been sick this winter except for  sinus problems. Somehow when Tay gets sick I don’t get it.
                Today Tay is in daycare torturing the teachers and the kids. The other day one of the teachers said, Here Comes Trouble!  I am fixing to go to work so normal day for us. I hope you have a normal day too.

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