COVID 19……Now A Dust Storm. What next?

      As if not enough to worry about with the virus now a dust storm that came from the Sahara Desert. I don’t know how in the world it traveled that far and still causes a lot of problems. I was worried about it because of Tay having asthma. So far it has not bothered her though. I felt kind of bad when I woke up this morning. Runny nose and headache but better now. Tay has done so well even after we cut her inhaler to once a day.
      Every time I go pick up groceries I worry for a few days afraid I might have picked up the virus. I am very careful though. I wash off everything that I buy. One cant be too careful. I hear people say all the time they don’t know how someone got it. They never hardly left home. When I get packages from UPS I spray them down with Lysol before I bring them in. Same with the mail.
      I have  a pen pal who says her daughter wont bring in the mail until it sits outside for two days. I never go anywhere without my mask. I do believe they help although some say they don’t. I feel more secure anyway. We don’t go anymore than we have too.
      I wish this would all end. I cant believe people thought when we opened up they could just lead normal lives. I knew several people who thought the worst was over. I tried to tell them it wasn’t but they didn’t listen. Now we are in a worst shape than we have ever been. I have not been anywhere in last three months except to the store. I do  a lot of shopping online. I just use my Lysol spray a lot on packages.
      Tonight Tay is in her bed. I am fixing to be in mine. Reading….

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