Christmas Is Done Again…..New Year on The Way

      A week ago last Monday Tay and I were on our way to Jana’s house to celebrate Christmas with them. I had never stayed with anyone that long before but it turned out okay. I am sure Tay got on some nerves as all four year old’s do. But we all survived. Vasile went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed. They have a storage that has been made into a room they had ready for me. He even bought a new heater for the room. I stayed the first night out there but it was cold and not very comfortable so the rest of the time we stayed in the house. I really appreciate him doing all of that for me though.
      I did get  a little shopping in Jana and I ,Kaylee and Tay went to Sam’s and to Target of course. We stopped and ate something at the Sonic for lunch.
      One night all the kids decorated cookies. They had lots of fun doing that. Another night we watched a Christmas movie  That was really nice also. On Christmas Eve we went to Vasile’s Dads and step Moms. We have always done that every year. Bev believes  in Bath and Body Work’s . I love to get it . We had sandwiches and then opened a gift. After we got back to Jana’s we opened another gift and left the rest till Christmas Day.
      Santa did not put the Jeep Wrangler together he gave Tay. When we got home grandpa did though. She loves it but not a very good driver. We had Christmas dinner at Jana’s and then they went over to Bev and Homer’s again for another dinner. Jana makes the best rolls and dressing. The only part i hated I didn’t have any leftovers since i wasn’t at my house this year.
      I got to see my son Dustin just a few minutes as well as Charles and John. Not very long though. John took Tay in Wal Mart and let her find some gifts for her. That was a mistake but she had fun.
      The day after Christmas we came back to Sweetwater. I used to have anxiety driving a long ways on the highway but this time I didn’t . Even though I can’t see too well because I need cateract surgery. I plan to have that in January. I got a very special gift that I can have all year long from my son Allen and his wife Mary Jane. It was from a book club and I get to pick out a book every month. I was overjoyed! Such a thoughtful gift. Of course I like all my other gifts too. I must have been a good girl this year!
      Tonight Tay and I are thankful we have a good family and a warm place tonight cause it is cold. In a few days it will be even colder but this is winter. What can one expect?

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