Cast Off On Monday……..Bad Week

I  can hardly wait until this cast gets off. It was supposed to be tomorrow but the doctor wont be in his office tomorrow. So it is Monday. They called today to remind me and I told them I would be in the office for sure at 11 on Monday. I will probably graduate to a brace but it has to be better than this. My knuckles stay swollen.
I only do a few deliveries a day but have to do some. It was so cold out today. I done three. Supposed to be cold all weekend too. Come on spring!
My son decided to give me some hard times. Like it is not already hard enough. Ever since Tay was born he has been around. It has been a nightmare cause ever few days he gets mad, He has been around Tay a lot even though he isn’t the biological father, I have told him he cant come over anymore. I know Tay will miss him and she has been having some tantrums but we just have to get through it. The main thing he always let her get on his phone on U tube. I  am trying to taper her off using the phone so much. We have had some melt downs lately.It has to get better.
An old boyfriend of mine passed away last week. I moved to Las Vegas with him years ago. He had been married the last 27 years, But I still had memories. He was a good guy. This year several people have passed away all near my age,
Thank goodness no crying tonight. Tay is being good. I didnt close her gate and she was telling me to close it. Ha…..I am fixing to get some much needed rest,,,,

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