Cast Is Gone…….Brace Is On

Jana and I went to Dr. Pressley to get the cast off on Monday. Those people in the office are just not very friendly except the lady who writes
out my next appointment. The doctor is soft spoken and I can barely hear him. The nurse is just rough on my sore hand. I did get my cast off.
The cutting of that is kind of scary. And then my hand was really very swollen. Looks gross. The skin looks bad after being in cast for 5 weeks.
DIt will only get better from here. It doesn’t hurt near as much today as it did yesterday. I done 3 deliveries. One was a $75 order. I am not in pain tonight. I managed to tie my shoes. Something I haven’t done in a long time. I barely manage to do dishes and fix Tay and I dinner.
know she has to be wondering what is happening in her life. No Da Da and I cant do much. She is a big help helping me to dress her. She is getting better about the phone. She has learned more about her tablet. I try to get her to play more with her toys but she is not interested much.
Tonight it was just about an hour on phone. She didnt even ask for an hour after she got home, . That is an improvement. She got over the stomach problems finally. That is an improvement. It has been a hard last two weeks.
Tonight Tay is in bed. I am not long behind her…..

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