Busy Weekend..

It’s been a busy weekend but no more than any other weekend I guess. I work at delivering all weekend. In between times today had to go clean car lot then right back to work  delivering. My life sure is hectic and busy. I dont know what I would do without my babysitter. She keeps this household running smoothly. I do not worry about Tay at all with her cause she is just as over protective as I am.
I think God was looking out for Tay and I when I found her. I was so afraid I would get someone I couldnt trust and she is amazing.
Tay doesn’t even mind when I leave. She just waves at me. I am gone so much but Jessica does things with her so I dont think she misses
me much.
Tay is getting so big. She weighs 35 lbs. A big girl and tall too. She has not been sick since I took her out of daycare. She is the best baby I ever seen to just go to bed. You tell her it is bedtime she makes a beeline for her room. Long as she has a blankie and a paci she dont care.
After that, it is my time to relax and enjoy the quiet. Which is what I am doing right now. I turn off the TV and dont have any noise. That is the way I like it. Just absolute quiet. After awhile I go to my room and read. I always have a book I am reading on and then I always have People magazines to read. I think right now I am about four behind.
I am off for the next two days. Maybe tomorrow Tay and I will go outside and get some sun. I want to take her to the zoo. I can just imagine what she would think about all the animals. But that will be a few weeks yet. One thing at a time…..

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