Last week was a rough week. I have seen rough weeks before since we started this journey but I believe this one takes the cake. Between trying to work and take care of a sick child and trying to get a house ready to sale what more could happen? A trip to the emergency room of course. I was working when my son called me and said Tay wanted to go to the emergency room. Can you believe a three year old tells you that? My friend tells me she is a smart girl and knows that is the only way she will get well. Maybe….I rushed home and I could tell when I got there she was having a hard time breathing. We rushed her to ER. They said she was in distress. After a breathing treatment and steroid medicine she was back to normal. We continue to give her breathing treatments until the cough goes away.

I am hoping she does not do this all winter. It is just so scary for a paranoid parent .I have always been this way with all 9 of my other kids. I worry even when their is nothing to worry about. Right now there is plenty to worry about though so worry away Elaine. We will get thru it somehow.

We are getting my house ready to sell. This is the only house Tay has ever known and I hope it don’t bother her too much when we leave it. I will miss my kids here but I feel like Tay and I need a new life. A new beginning. It will be kind of fun to move . I have been here for 16 years. Lots of good memories and bad ones. I got married in this house. I also got divorced here. ha


We can make new memories in our new house. Hopefully my kids will come visit too. They will have to for our Christmas dinner we have every year. It is my house this year so they have got to come. Pretty soon I will be going somewhere to figure out where the new house will be. My son Allen says I can live anywhere in the world but its my very last house so I better make it good. I will certainly try.

Tonight Tay is in bed. She is slowly getting better. I am tired  form working all day so I will soon be in bed also. ….