Birthday Party Today…..

      We finally got to be around people. Today was my grandson Colton’s 12th birthday. It was just a small party with Tay and I and His other grandparent. Tay was so happy cause they have a pool and they had cake so she was really happy. Poor baby has not got to go anywhere lately. We have not ate out one time anywhere. We just stay home and cook every meal. Tay tries to cook in her kitchen while I am cooking in mine. I know she doesn’t understand why we don’t get burgers anymore.
      It has been really bad in Texas lately for the Corona Virus. It has not went away. We are still second to California. Today there was 1608 cases in Texas which is less than it was. I think Sunday it is always less cause labs don’t report. Tomorrow it will be more. Dallas has been outrageous lately. Some of the states that had a lot now have went down. Ours was when they opened up again and then Memorial Day. If people would just wear their masks it would be lots better.
      Tay has not been in a store for the last two months. I don’t take her. She has a doctors appointment tomorrow but it will be a virtual one. It is with the allergist and she goes to him every three months. Since she uses the inhaler  twice a day we have had no problems with asthma. No allergies either since she is not in day care. They put off her dental appointment too until August. Hope things will be better by then.
      I think long as we wear masks and wash and sanitize our hands good as well as clean all groceries and spray the packages with Lysol spray we are pretty safe. I also wipe off the mail with a sanitizing wipe. Clean all my doorknobs and fridge handles most days. One cant be too careful. I just pray every day we will wake up one day and it will all be gone. That would be one of the best things that could ever happen.
      Tonight Tay is safely in the bed tucked in. I am fixing to be in mine but not tucked in. lol Reading my book and then going to sleep. Tomorrow is Monday and that is my grocery day. We will see whathappens this week. Maybe we will have some good luck for a change. We have had some good luck. No one in my family has got it. I hope that luck continues….

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