Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas……So Glad Tay Is Safe

Yesterday I went and bought Tay’s Santa present. Which was a Camo Cruiser. I wanted to get her a pink one but they didnt have any so will just put a big pink bow on it. Like Jana says. She is not going to care what color it is. I cant wait to  see her eyes light up when she sees that. My son John got her a tablet . I know she will love that. Can we say spoiled?
My kids Dad sent me money for Tay and I. Pretty nice getting present from an ex. We have always talked and its been forty years since we were together. He loves Tay just like the rest of us. She has lots of people in her life.
This morning is the Christmas party at her daycare. I know she will love that. Lots of goodies and then exchange presents. I am taking off from work for a little bit to attend that. Tomorrow we have the Christmas lunch with all the kids. A tradition Allen created and I love that because we cant all get together very often but at least we have this.
I heard bad news about Tay’s Mom once again. So glad she wasnt able to take Tay when she tried. Right now she would be on the run with her and soon foster care. I heard from a good source that CPS is not happy with Amie. She failed a  drug test again. She took off to Lubbock so they wouldn’t take the baby. But I am
sure they will find her. What Mom cares more about drugs than her own children? I dont have to worry about her getting Tay anytime soon. For that I am  grateful.
This morning Tay is still asleep. She has no idea what could be going on in her life. Instead she is happy and healthy. She just gets mad when she cant get on You Tube.

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