Bad Week This Week……

      This has not been a good week for Tay and I. I guess being home so much and not ever doing anything is getting to be too much. Tay has really been acting out And i don’t know what to do about it. I have tried everything. Telling her what she is doing wrong don’t work. Yelling don’t work. Making her go to her room don’t work. Taking away her phone and tablet don’t even work.

      We went over to Jana’s this morning to get her to help me with an app I need on my phone. Tay loves going there. . Her and Kaylee play hide and seek and different things. Run off some of that energy she has. Jana told me it had been bad this week for her and her kids too. Maybe its something in the air? And then Tay won’t get to go to Pre-K this year. I was looking forward to that. It’s not worth the risk to me that she might get the virus. I don’t even know if any kids can go to school.

      The last few days cases have been going down a little. I pray that keeps happening. I think the masks and social distancing does help if everybody would just do it. So many people won’t though.Especially small towns. In this big city I don’t see many without their masks.

      I have started getting our food from Amazon. Comes right to your house and free delivery . i try to have it delivered when Tay is asleep where I can clean it all and put it up without her curious little hands grabbing everything. At her age she is curious about everything. Only natural I guess. She has been losing a little weight too. She has gotten really picky on eating. She does love ice cream
though. For awhile she was spitting food out. She has quit that but if its not spaghetti or pizza she don’t like it.

      We are still safe in our home….I guess that is what counts. Tonight Tay is in bed….I will be in a little while after I do the zillion things that need to be done.

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