Bad Week Last Week…..But Still Counting My Blessings

      Last week was not a good week. On Tuesday morning the carpet man came to put new carpet down. We had to take everything out of the closets and that is a job in itself. It felt like I was moving. Tay and I were sitting in the movie room when all of a .sudden she jumped up screaming with blood on her cheek Putting her hand down her throat. She was choking on something! I ran outside where Charles was screaming something was wrong. He pounded on her back and then all of a sudden took off running to the fire station which was a block away. I called Jana crying. Then I walked down to the fire station.
      They had called an ambulance and I rode to Cooks with Tay. Fast!! We got in a room and they had to do the virus test. It took three of them to hold Tay down. Jana came down thank goodness. I needed some moral support. Tay was coughing continuously and throwing up, drooling so bad, Her clothes were soaked. They waited an hour to get the test back before taking her to OR.I did not appreciate that.  They did do an X Ray. It was a coin and if it turned the wrong way it could block her airway.
      All of a sudden she started talking and said she felt much better now. The nurses laughed. I told them it probably went down. They still took her to OR and put her to sleep anyway. After she got in recovery the doctor said it had already went down. We got to go home.
      After Tay got home she said she had a flu shot. That was the IV. Ha.She kept saying she was sorry for choking on a coin.  So glad to get home but now have to worry for 14 days to see if we might have the virus. Everyone had on masks and we did too. Tomorrow makes a week so hopefully we are ok.
      Now we have  a problem of spitting out food. In the floor, on the table, on her clothes. Last night she got Doritos all in her floor so no more eating except at the table. I am sure this too will pass.
      We are just grateful tonight to be alive. Tay is in bed. I am too. All is okay for now. One day at a time…

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