Back to the Doctor…

      Today Tay and I had to make a trip back to the doctor. I had eight kids but never had an eating problem with any of them. Of course back then there were no phones or tablets, or U tube or Netflix. I don’t understand why they would put so many bad things for kids to watch on anything. Most kids have a wild imagination like Tay does. I wish i had never let her start watching anything. I had no idea it could get this bad. Right now she is at the point where all she wants to do is drink. You tell her it is time to eat and she starts crying.
       It just got real bad about a week and a half ago although we had a few episodes where she was spitting out food a few months ago. But she got over that in a few weeks. This started about a week and a half ago and she was eating a burger and said she got choked. Not bad cause she just told me about it. A few days later she got choked on pizza she said. Again not bad. Then I noticed she would only take a few bites. It got much worse. After awhile she don’t wont anything but ice cream and not much of that.
      The doctor who is a pediatrician acted like she didn’t know what to do. Finally she said a therapist can help. They can figure out what is going on. Meanwhile just try to get her to take small bites of anything. I give her Carnation Instant Breakfast in her milk and she gets vitamins. She will drink a lot so that is what we are doing mostly. I keep praying that it will get better.
      I can just imagine how terrified a child can be that can’t eat. She says she is not hungry . She has to be hungry at some point. Every day I am hoping for the best. Maybe a therapist can help her. I certainly hope so. I just don’t know what else to do. Can I just run away and not have these problems?
      Tonight anyway we are just here at home. We are alive and well so far. Tay will be going to bed shortly. I hope to wake up tomorrow and it was all a nightmare…

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