Aunt Jana Got Kaylee and Tay a Build A Bear….

Tonight Tay and I went with Jana and Kaylee to Hulen Mall to get a Build a Bear for them. So nice of Aunt Jana to get Tay one. They have such cute clothes for them too which we will have to get later. They are nearly as expensive as Tay’s clothes.
Tay and I are both well tonight and we are so thankful for that. Maybe summer will make the high pollen go away. It hasn’t yet because of all the rain. Seems like every week it rains at some point. Maybe someday it will quit raining because frankly we have had enough.
I hate to be negative but so far this year has not been too great for us. First my wrist was broke and I had to keep working and driving with one hand. Then one sinus infection after another and Tay having allergy problems. So much rain and I think a lot of people had bad allergies this year. I know even my doctor does. Every time I carry something heavy in my hand my wrist feels like a tight band is on it. I have to carry stuff often too since I deliver stuff.
On the positive side all of that is behind us an we are looking forward to being healthy this summer. Only good things can happen from now on. Every day is a new day and one never knows what might happen. I know a lot of people worse off than I am so I shouldn’t complain.
Tonight Tay is in bed with her bear by her side. I let her play on phone and watch TV at the same time for 30 minutes. Then it is lights out. When I go in to turn TV off she tries to hide the phone underneath her. It is like a game. I get it and she tells me to sit down. I sit down with her for a minute. Talk to her. Then I go off to bed .
Our world is good tonight. What else  could we ask for/?

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