Another Year Older……

Last weekend was a nice birthday for me. Tay liked it too. On Friday which was actually my birthday I didn’t do much. No cake. Jana did bring me one of my gifts cause she felt sorry for me. My real estate agent brought me flowers. They are beautiful.
On Saturday my son Allen came over with his wife and kids and they took us to eat at Abuelos . It was so good and he took everyone that lived around here in the family. He brought in a big black trash bag. He opened it up and it had 75 scratch offs for me. That took me  a few days.
On Sunday my daughter Jana gave me a party. Two of my daughters came from where they live. My grand daughter was there also. My two best friends was not. Oh well you cant get everything. Everyone knows I love books. I got 5.  It was a great party but two sons was not here to help us celebrate.
Tay loved helping me look at my presents. She had a great time. Tonight she is coughing. I hope she is not getting sick as I am just now getting over my sickness. I have given her asthma meds and cough meds and hopefully she can rest. That is what I am going to try and do also. Thank goodness spring is almost here. ..

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