Another Boring Sunday But Kaylee Came For A Visit …

      For some reason Sundays just seem  so boring. I really don’t know why it is any different than any other day. Today Kaylee came over and so Tay had someone around besides just me. Gives me a break for awhile. But Tay got upset when Kaylee left. She said, “When is Kaylee coming home?” She was crying so hard. I felt so bad for her.
      Tay is so bored now that she don’t go to daycare. I know just me here is so boring to her. Her Dad is not here either so she doesn’t have anyone in her life but me and my kids. She wont be going to Pre K either this fall. I am not taking any chances with her health or mine.
      Tay did get to go swimming in Jana’s pool on Saturday. Afterwards we grilled outside. That was very nice. Anything we can find to do sure helps the day go faster. Anything at all no matter how small.
      Surely this COVID will go away some day. I keep praying it will. What I wouldn’t give to have just a normal life. I am not your normal 75 year old i guess cause most are retired and enjoy it. I am super bored all the time. Of course if Tay could be in school this year and I had more time to myself it might be better. I cant get much done with her underfoot all day.
      Tonight Tay is safe in bed. I am not long behind her. I am always on a book and I read a chapter or two then it puts me to sleep….

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