And Life Goes On…..

I just got off of work. I had to go to Central Market. That place is so confusing. I couldnt find anything. But finally I did. I had rather do shopping than going to restaurants. No having to call the place and there is plenty of parking. Some restaurants close to downtown there is no parking. 
Today was a pretty good day with Tay. We went over Jana’s today and had BBQ before I went to work. Tay does like BBQ and pickles. Some of her favorite food. Tay is getting a little sassy. She has learned that “no” word. She told Jana today, no nap. ha.
When I left for work she waves and says, See ya later. So cute. She has learned a lot of words lately/ Just about anything she hears she says. She is a smart girl. Now if she would learn to be potty trained I would really be happy. I could save a lot on diapers. Not one of her parents wants to help me with things she needs.
I do not understand people. When I took her I never dreamed it would be for life. I thought at the most six months. Her Mom just had a new baby
but she says nothing about this one. How does one just forget this child? She has missed out on so much. I feel sorry for her and I have no regrets.
I cant believe she is fixing to be two. Of course we are having a fantastic birthday party. It is hard to believe I have had her for two years. She has had a good life so far. We are both so blessed……

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