And I Thought I Was Getting By Without an Illness This Winter….

I had seen Jana and each one of the kids get sick with a bad cough and Tay too. I thought I managed to miss it. Not true….I got it and I don’t think I ever have been this sick before. No fever so I don’t think it was the flu. Its just a really bad cough that hangs on for weeks. My pulse was over a hundred. I couldn’t even sleep at night. It was coughing every five minutes at least.
I don’t usually take off work for anything. I took off for a week. I finally just went back today and I still have the cough but it has eased up a bit.
A friend told me to try pineapple juice and honey. Oh my goodness. That made me sick to my stomach. I did drink pineapple juice by its self and helped some but after drinking it for a day I don’t want anymore. Thanks for all the help though. I tried it all.
As if that wasn’t enough one night I heard strange sounds coming from Tay thru the baby monitor. I went to check and she had a yoyo wrapped around her neck. Just sitting there crying. It was tight. I turned on the light and got it unwound from her neck. So glad for that baby monitor. It saved her life!
Tonight all is good. Tay is in bed . I am fixing to be. We will wake up tomorrow with a good attitude. Hopefully….

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