A Nightmare Move……

      My son Charles started out helping me load the truck on that Sunday  The next morning we were finishing I thought, He was going to be over early. That didn’t happen. We waited all day and finally around 4 he text and said he dislocated his hip. So backup #1 my other son John . It’s usually a
waiting to happen with him and it pretty much was. He was very slow loading up and I wanted to get to Sweetwater before dark because I don’t see very well at night. I went ahead and arrived a little before 7. He didn’t get here until 1 am. I stayed at my ex husbands that night  ha
      The next day we came over to unload. Two Johnny’s is not good. Like father and son I say. Both have short tempers. If something don’t work right. throw it. Needless to say I got a few broke things. What choice do you have if no help? We had the truck for four days
      I also found out I have way to much stuff. I am a shopper but this is ridiculous. This is a 1937 house. They didn’t make big pantries or big closets back then. Half my stuff I still have to leave it packed. No storage either. There wasn’t a big choice in rent houses. I wanted to just go ahead and buy one because lots more choices but my son insisted on renting first to be sure i liked it. At least I know eventually I will get something much better. I guess I got spoiled getting a new house 17 years ago. .
      After we moved everything in and Dish came the hell really started. When he plugged in one tv the breaker would flip. He said he had to come back after that was fixed. After waiting a week? Really? Next the internet guy came. He put wiring in but didn’t do anything else. I called them and they walked me thru it. I am not good with computers. Last night nothing in my bedroom worked., Not the lamp or my charger. Today the electrician had to come out. Then I chatted with Dish and they said Dish is already on. How could that be? Its not even hooked up. Why don’t people finish?
      I went to the furniture stores and couldn’t find the sectional i wanted. Finally at Aarons he showed me one in the warehouse but it was still in plastic. I was getting desperate so I took it. When they brought it they just dumped it in my living room without setting it up. Thick plastic wrapping over it. I got the scissors and cut some off. and the throw pillows were not my style or color. I called and told them I was not happy the way they just dumped it in my living room/ And not even wearing masks. They say they will pick it up pm Friday. I also bought another one at Gallery furniture much more to my liking but how am I going to have one picked up and one delivered on same day at different times? Plus Jana and family are coming on Saturday so hopefully it is set up by then. Very stressed!
      Tonight we are going to rest and relax I hope. I am not having Thanksgiving tomorrow . Not until Saturday. I do have a pecan pie. lol …..

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