A Lot Has Happened….But Now We are Better

   It has been awhile since I wrote a blog. My person that does all this for me quit and I am no good at it. My daughter is going to try and see if she can do it. Lets hope she can.
   Anyway Tay and I are both doing lots better . She got the croup and that was a lot of coughing.  She ended up in ER but after about 5 days she was over that round. She seen an allergist and didn’t much like the allergy test where they stick needles in your back. It turned out she had two or three allergies but nothing to worry about he said. He put her on an inhaler twice a day for asthma treatment and that has helped so much. I didn’t realize my baby was so sick. Such a change in her. Everyone has noticed,
   And me getting out in the cold working I ended up with a sore throat and then a cough but finally I am on the mend. It is a little chilly outside today. I have to find me a better line of work not out in the cold. After my move to Sweetwater I have several things in mind. I do not need to be taking a chance on falling down again going up stairs and steep driveways and maybe breaking something again.
   Tay got to go the the circus with her Aunt Jana, Vasile and her cousins. She got a spinning light toy and loved eating the nachos and cotton candy. She did really good there. She loved the animals like the elephants and horses. She wasn’t too sure about the clowns. After they left Jana asked all the kids what their favorite part of the circus was and Tay said, “the tigers!”. There weren’t any tigers at the circus. Lol. After that they went to the Water Gardens. Tay loved seeing all the water flowing. Overall I think she had a fun day.
   I have had a rough year this year. I hope 2020 is a much better year. Between working with a broken wrist and Tay having breathing problems my life has not been easy. I just feel it in my heart with the move and starting a new life for Tay and I it will get better. She can go to Head Start and I will not have these high day care bills I have now.
   For today anyway Tay is in daycare and well. I am home after working and fixing to have a nap. Who could ask for more?

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