A Girls Day out For Me……Tay Got To See Jessica

Saturday is my only day off. From now on it is going to be spent with Tay part of the day; the rest of the day going to the movies and out to lunch
with my friend Nora. I think I deserve one day to do something I like. It took me forever to find a friend here. Thanks Guy for helping me find my friend. She went to school with Guy back in Del Rio. He introduced us when he was here a few years ago.
Today we went to Golden Corral to have Nora’s birthday lunch. Afterwards we went to see “The Spy That Dumped Me”. I dont usually like action
movies cause they make me have  a lot of anxiety but this one was good. I find myself clenching my hands during the movie. I dont like violence too much but Nora will go with me to see girly ones so I will go with her to see action ones. I am just glad to have  a movie partner.
Next week we are going to attempt to take Tay and Kaylee to see a movie about dogs. I think they will both like it. I will get them popcorn and coke and that will keep Tay busy for a bit. Hopefully not too many people will be there. I think Tay will like the big screen.
My son is giving me fits again. He has made my life a living nightmare every since Tay was five days old. So much anger inside of him because he didnt get Tay. He dont want to help me financially with her as nobody does but he wants to be boss. When he comes around Tay gets real emotional about everything. It takes a few days to calm her down again.
Her babysitter was great with her but for right now I just want daycare. Jessica will still come half day on Saturday while i go to movies and all day on Sunday while i work. I got a big babysitting bill but oh well….
Tonight Tay is asleep. That is where I am fixing to be. Or at least reading some on my book. I wouldnt know what to do if i was not in the middle of a good mystery…..

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