A Christmas To Remember……

I thought Christmas was going along nicely when we had our new tradition we started last year, It was Jana’s turn to host. She talked me into having it at my house since I had more seating arrangements, It turned out nicely except a few people couldnt make it. In a big family that is to be expected. I am so glad my son Allen thought of this tradition because a few of my kids I never seen at Christmas,
That happened on the Saturday before Christmas. On Christmas Eve I had a few last minute things to do. That night like every year we went to
Bev and Homer’s(Jana’s in laws). We exchange presents. We have a dinner of sandwiches and all kinds of chips and dips. That lady knows how
to make some good sandwiches. Since we drew my name for next years host I might get her to help me with sandwiches.
After we left their house and came home Jana and family and John and Charles came over to my house and we exchanged a few presents. I bet Tay thought this was happening every day. ha I had made a cheese ball to have with crackers, Something my Mom always made. I made peanut butter fudge too. Vasile loved it!
The next morning I got up early to fill the stockings. John came while I was doing that where he could see Tay when she seen her Santa presents.
I was in my room after something when I tripped over wrapping paper tube. I fell and just lay there crying. John heard me and came running. He
helped me up. I  had a big dent in top of my hand, It was swelling big. Off we headed to ER.
We got right in. Done XRays. My wrist was broke all the way across. The nurse that wrapped it was not a nice nurse. I told her it was uncomfortable.
She said it wasnt meant to be comfortable. Okay!
The rest of the day was a blur. I couldnt do much. So glad it wasnt my hip. I will continue another day. My hand is tired and it’s time to rest, Not easy typing with one hand, Or dressing…Or opening something…I am learning. At least Tay had a good Christmas.

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