A Boring Sunday….

      I don’t know why Sundays are so boring. It should be like the rest of the week. We don’t go anywhere any of the time. Hardly ever anyway. Today we had to leave the house while the buyers came and looked one last time. Tomorrow is the closing. I don’t like White Settlement anymore. All the stores have moved outside of White Settlement. No hospitals except way down town almost. I remember that ride in the ambulance taking Tay to Cooks. Seemed like forever. White Settlement has gotten worse over the years. Lots of homeless people . This is the first place i came when I first moved here when Jana was five years old.
      I moved all over this town but mostly on the west side. One time southwest and another time north. It is kind of full circle now because I have been back here the last 18 years, In this house for the last 17 years. So I feel sad leaving because we have a lot of memories in this house. When I first moved here Dustin and Jana lived with me. Now they are long gone but not far away. . Elvis Pressley helped us move here and he has passed  I was with his brother Jerry long ago is why I first came to this city. Two men have lived in this house  A husband and fiancée..So I think it is time to start anew.
      Sometimes i wish I never had come because when I was in Sweetwater until I met Jerry i liked it just fine. I had never lived in a big city. Several of my kids followed me here. I wish Jana could have grew up in a small town. People are just more friendly. Some people are friendly here but not all. I have been here for 30 years and I just think it is time to go back. Hopefully my kids will come visit me. I think a small town will be good for Tay.
      Some people say there is nothing for kids to do. But really what do we do here? Not much. They have dance which I might put Tay in and Karate. All kinds of sports and it is just so much easier to do things in a smaller town. My older kids lived there and they done just fine. They had lots of friends. They played baseball. Darla took baton lessons, piano lessons and her and Melanie took dancing lessons. And when you really want something else to do Abilene is not far away.
      This week I have lots to do. Packing and getting ready. I will be sad for a few days but also anxious to see what awaits me in my new place. I am ready to make new memories. I hope they are good ones. One never knows what awaits us. One door closes, another one opens.
      Tonight Tay is in bed. Not long till I will be in my bed. Reading about Jo and Laurie. It really is a good book…..

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