Wednesday before last I was supposed to go to a hearing with attorney general for child support and custody . I was kind of nervous not
knowing if Amie or Roland would show up. As it turned out that was the least of my worries.
Jessica had just got here and I was getting ready to go to the hearing when she came knocking on the bathroom door. She said the police
wanted to see me. I went to the door and they said Amie was at the police station and she was fixing to come get Tay. She told them I had her baby and wouldn’t let her see her or anything. Jessica and I sat them straight. She had never attempted to see her. She didnt even call
on her birthday or Christmas. She painted quite a different picture than what was true and they were believing it.
My son John who is the only daddy she has ever known called cause he seen the police cars. I told him Tay was fixing to leave. I was crying
and shaking so hard. When John got there he told them how Amie had been in prison and then in jail and was never trying to see Tay. They changed their attitude. One left and  went to talk to the detective. He found out she has a CPS case with the new baby she just had. That saved me. The other police came in the house and he said he had some good news for me and bad news. The good news was she couldnt take her while she has an open case and bad news was she might could after it is closed.
This police was so nice. He said he dont like his job sometimes. He has the same birthdate as me except for the year. He was young. He stayed
talking to us for a long time.He said go ahead and go to the hearing. I did. Amie was there. Roland didnt show.
The lady left the room and I told Amie I could not beleive she would take Tay when all of them are strangers to her. She said she wasnt. Yes she was.
She tried to impress the lady we had to talk too. She told her she was the biological Mom and I was no kin. The lady said, Well she is the one that has
taken care of her for two years. She wasnt impressed with Amie.
We have to go back to court in november since Roland didnt show up. I need a lawyer when I go. Tay did DNA and Roland did so have to get those
results back.
The other day I was at a parking lot doing delivery stuff and a police car pulled up by me. It was the nice one. He said he sees me around a lot.He said my
car kind of stands out. He just wondered what has happened with the baby girl. Nothing yet I told him.
Tonight my baby girl is safe at home in bed watching TV. I hope she will always be here. She would have been devastated to have to leave us…..

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